buy QM掛牆滅蚊機-吸入式滅蚊誘蚊器

QM GS940HK - Triple Lure Insect Killer


吸入式滅蚊器 mosquito trap 室內/戶外專用

The QM GS940HK offers a near silent alternative to traditional “zappers” and is the perfect answer for large / suburban backyards. 

When exposed to UV light, the combination of the QM GS940HK’s TiO2 coating combine to produce carbon dioxide. Coupled with heat given off by the lamp, the unit is extremely effective at luring mosquitoes and other pests. A powerful, near silent fan, draws pests into the basket at the bottom of the unit where they dehydrate and die.

The unit’s functional design allows it to be hung up, placed on a flat surface or wall mounted (bracket & fasteners included).


Made from High Impact Plastic with a UV Inhibitor.
Extreme Outdoor Durability !
Hang, Free Standing or Wall Mount (bracket & fasteners included).
Versatile Placement !
Meets Australian / New Zealand Electrical Safety Standards.
Safe To Use !
Catcher Basket with "No-Escape" Funnel.
Quick & Easy Disposal of Dead Pests !
IPX4 Weather Resistance.
Weather Proof - Use Outdoors !

W302mm x D302mm x H290mm
Lamp Type / Model
Snap-In UV 7W / QM GS940HKG
Power Consumption
Appr. 15W
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QM GS940HK 滅蚊機 | 環保滅蚊器,滅蚊燈 | QM 滅蚊專家
Kill Mosquito Black flies Machine Lamp QM LTD - 滅蚊燈 滅蚊機,環保滅蚊燈 QM滅蚊機-吸入式滅蚊誘蚊器
GS940HK 掛牆滅蚊燈,wall mount 滅蚊機 連牆架
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